The Courses

1.  An OSHA Trilogy

2.  Applied Volume Calculations

3.  Arithmetic

4. Caustic Soda

5. Chemistry Unit I Chemistry in a Modern World

6.  Chemistry Unit II  The Organization of Chemistry

7.  Chemistry Unit III Water and It's Elements

8. Chemistry Unit IV Chemical Calculations

9.  Chemistry Unit V Ionization

10.  Coagulation and The Lamella Separator

11.  Diesel Engine, The

12. Electrodialysis

13. Filtration

14. Groundwater Pollution, Remediation & Groundwater Sampling Guidance

15.  Health and Safety

16.  Hydraulics and Electricity

17. Membrane Technology

18.  pH Measurement

19. Pumps

20. Reduction/Oxidation

21. Rules and Regulations

22. Sewage Treatment

23.  Unit Operations Math and Leachate Treatment

24.  Unit Operations Math Module #1  

25.  Unit Operations Math Module #2

26.  Valves

27.  Wastewater Characteristics and Wastewater Sampling

28.  Wastewater Indicators

29.  Wastewater Sources (Part 1)

30.  Wastewater Sources (Part 2)

31.  Wastewater Sources (Part 3)

32.   Wastewater Treatment Methods and Disposal



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  • State of Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection's 

  • State of New Hampshire's Department of Environmental Services

  • State of Vermont's Department of Environmental Conservation

requirements to earn annual Training Contact Hours (TCH) and/or Continuing Education Units (CEU).

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Note:  All courses are approved for certification by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection - Board  of Certification of WWTO



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Wastewater Sources (Part 1)

Wastewater Sources (Part 2)

Wastewater Sources (Part 3)

Wastewater Indicators

Groundwater Pollution, Remediation &

Groundwater Sampling Guidance


All Correspondence Courses 

provided by Falcone Environmental Services 

have been reviewed and are approved for TCH 

by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts 

Department of Environmental Protection

Board of Certification

of Wastewater Treatment Plant Operators;

have been reviewed and are approved for CEU 

by the State of New Hampshire

Department of Environmental Services;

have been reviewed and are approved for CEU 

by the State of Vermont

Department of Environmental Conservation


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